Stereotype Americans

For me being an American, I am not wealthy. Even if I live in a country that in some parts of the world think of us as wealthy, wasteful, greedy Americans; I myself am not. I may however be respectful of others needs rather than my own because what I need or want is not so important to me compare to what others may need or want. I basically put others before myself in most situations. For other Americans, some may inhibit these characteristics and some may not it all depends on the person. Although we are a diverse country and culture, so many of us grow up differently and have different backgrounds that may or may not cause such wealth in our country. What is displayed through the media can have false detail on whether the US is a wealthy culture or not? The media is trying to earn money themselves  so  putting the actual truth out there is their job, but sometimes they put false information out there just to get some credit. We are just trying to survive as best as we can and if that means to be wealthy, wasteful and greedy Americans then we will do that, but again it all depends on the person. We are mostly all individually minded and work for what’s best for us although some take others into mind first.

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