Cultural Differences

The hardest thing for me to adjust to in New Zealand is the culture. All around the world there are different cultures and I think getting use to the new culture will be difficult in the beginning. It’s important for me to know how the New Zealander’s get by each day. I will like to know what food they eat, what holidays do they celebrate, are there certain manners to run by and what New Zealander’s do that Americans do not. Even though getting use to the culture in New Zealand will be difficult, I look forward to seeing a whole new side of this world different from my own, the beauty of the country and the people and animals I will be working with will help me get past the uncertainty of their culture and let me learn faster.  When I am in New Zealand, I am willing to change my ways of living and learning theirs.  Adjusting to a different country also takes some personal qualities such as eating habits, language and everyday life. I will take steps to achieve the differences and make them my own.  

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