Queenstown...a town of beauty and wonder!!!!

Kia Ora,
Well to start out...my internship is going very well. The last two weeks have been hectic. It was the school holiday so a lot of people came and we also had junior keepers which is where kids get to be zoo keepers for the day. I got to teach them what I do and how to be a keeper of Butterfly Creek. It was fun to boss kids around but also fun to see how much they loved it. I loved seeing that!!! Other than that the baby crocs are being displayed and shown to the public. They of course don't like that but the public loves them. They are also doing better with their eating habits and are becoming more aggressive. I love it here at Butterfly Creek as well as New Zealand and never want to leave which will happen in about 2 weeks.
Queenstown is the reason why I want to stay forever. I went there for a long weekend and came back in awe. When I first arrived in Queenstown, I came out of the airplane with huge snowed mountains in front of me. Even in the beginning I was in awe. During my first day I walked around and went luging  (so much better than Rotorua...sorry)  and explored some more. That night was amazing as well. The next day I went to Milford Sound. Let me tell you that there are no words to how much I loved this place and to prove how amazing it was see my pictures on facebook. Unfortunately, the two days that followed did not come out as planned because of a snowstorm. I still got to see the beauty form Queenstown. If I could I would go back there and do the things I didn't or couldn't. I was going to go horseback riding and see Lord of the Rings sights, but since the storm was really bad I couldn't. Just means I need to go back there. Queenstown was a fantastic weekend and I wish that I could of spend more time there. I loved it!!!!
Hope the next couple weeks go well with exploring and work.Talk to you later.

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