Experience the Auckland region

Kia Ora,
The last couple weeks I have not been so busy on the weekends. I did go see bridesmaids and Transformers 3. Bridesmaids was funny as, but Transformers 3 could of been better. I also went back to Mission Bay and got some Swiss Ice Cream. It was good as. And went to the beach. This week however was super fun as. Two interns came in from the south part of the North Island and we partied it up. First night we didn't really do anything special. We played beer pong with water and we tried to go out, but no such luck. The next day we went to the zoo and we saw a encounter with rare species here in New Zealand such as a Kiwi bird. It was so cute and it is so rare to see them because they are up at night. We saw other animals as well that can be seen in the US. Then we went to Mt. Eden. It was really windy up at the top. We tried to go get meat pies, but it was closed. Instead we went to a Thai restaurant in our apartment. After a long day we went all night at the bars by the harbor.That was a awesome as night with dancing and Denny's afterwards. The next day we went to Waiheke Island to show our visitors the beauty. On a different note, work has been getting a lot better with me knowing the routine and also getting involved with the public more with talking about the animals. I hope that the rest of the time here will be just or more fun as.

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