My Expereince in New Zealand so far

Kia Ora,
I am in my fourth week here in New Zealand going on my fifth. I am having loads of fun here. I went to some Islands off of Auckland which were called Waiheke and Rangitoto. They have beautiful scenery. The Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island so I climbed to the top and my breathe was taken. My work at Butterfly Creek is also going well. I am getting into a routine there. I take care of pretty much all the animals. The last two weeks I was on the farm and I took care of rabbits and baby goats. The baby goats are crazy and need to watched carefully. I also took care of baby pigs that were from a litter of 17. They are cute. The baby crocs that Butterfly Creek gave birth to are doing extremely well. From last week they grew 3 to 6 grams bigger and their teeth are certainly coming in and coming in fast. I am looking forward to what there is more to bring from this experience. I am planning a trip to Queenstown in late July and I hope to also see Milford sound because I know that it is a gorgeous scenery. I can't wait!!!

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