My Stay in New Zealand

I am leaving soon and I do not want to. I had a wonderful stay here in New Zealand. I did go to Hobbiton to see the hobbits' houses and to see where the Hobbit movie is going to be filmed. That was a great day. I got to meet some new people. I did take pictures, but I signed something that says I cannot put any on the internet so I can;'t show them.  I love the internship, it helped me considerable. It was very educational and socially inspiring. My last weeks here with Butterfly Creek were busy with taking care of the animals and visitors; making sure they are happy. The baby crocs have become increasingly bigger since the first time I saw them and eating very well. I did measure them on my last day at Butterfly Creek and I am proud that they are growing. I hope to hear more and more about them. On my last day I got to go in with the big ones... that was fun but they did not eat me which is a good thing. It was very nice of the Butterfly Creek staff to have afternoon tea and presents on my last day. I very much thank them and appreciate what they have done for me. Also every time I go on the farm there are more rabbits...its insane but good. The pigs a huge now, but one of them did die sadly. I loved spending time there and learning new things everyday and even demonstrating what I already know to others. Overall, my experience at Butterfly Creek certainly did its job and enhanced me academically and personally. I am glad that I had this opportunity to come here and being part of something like this is really a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone should get a chance to experience because its worth every penny. What is also really great about an internship alone is that you also get a chance to become employed within the internship site. I certainly have that chance with Butterfly Creek. Both studying abroad and an internship are very important in your resume. I really do not want to leave...I had a awesome as time here and again it was worth every penny I spent to just go and experience something I would not get a chance to experience later. This was a great time to go and I hope I will visit again soon!!!

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