3 Identities

I chose woman, Christian and Music fan of musicals because they represent who I am as a person and what I do since I was born. I chose woman because it is my sexual identity, which differ from a man to a certain aspect. As a woman I can do things that a man cannot and vice verse. I chose Christian because that is my religion and I chose music fan of musicals because I love music and I am in choir at school but also I chose musical because I love watching them and they are very upbeat music.
For studying abroad being a woman is important because a lot of men get more opportunities than women do and this is a chance to prove to the male society that women have an ability to do great things as well. Being Christian while studying abroad gives me the chance to spread my wings to new ideas on religion and share my religion with others. Also being a music fan of musicals will keep my days while studying abroad upbeat with listening and singing musicals and sharing my interest with my host country.
The reaction from my host country will probably react differently from what I am use to and from what they are use to. They will see me as different from their own culture and ways as well as how I will react. Being in a different country for the first time will be hard on both the host and I, but as we come familiar with each other the react might change. I feel this way because it is with anything new that someone does, they feel unfamiliar with it, but become familiar as time passes and then the reaction changes.

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